What is your hidden talent?
I build tremendously big ginger bread houses in shapes of famous buildings. The Eiffel Tour, Colosseum, Big Ben, the Pyramids, The Globe – all hand crafted myself. (No fake material – I promise!) Any suggestions for this Christmas piece of art? Email me!

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?
Definitely wine. Or to more correct -  loads of wine, but not in a crazy unhealthy way.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?
Being a bit of perfectionist I get satisfied by cleaning and sorting my things. I get pleased by cleaning all bottles and jars my bathroom cabinet, as well as hanging my blouses in color order in my closet. A day that includes sorting a messy box is a good day. I know.. I am strange. Oh sorry – I mean unique. ;)

Do you have a favorite quote?
Knowledge is power but attitude is everything. It will take you far.

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