my name is David.

As developers, we have a lot of choices in today's job market. Like many others, I get contacted by recruiters about job opportunities from time to time.
But I'm probably a boring prospect for them, because I'm not tempted to explore these opportunities.
Why? Because I really like it here at Bambora.
There are many great companies out there. But there are few places where developers truly take the driver's seat in shaping the company's tech stack from the ground up.
And there are even fewer companies where developers can build a new and modern tech stack the right way - rather than the fast way - with support from management. But Bambora is such a place.
We make it easy and painless for small and medium-sized merchants to accept payments in-store, online and on mobile. To achieve this, we're going all-in on modern technologies.
Building on Amazon Web Services, we're creating an open and global micro services-based architecture that's heavily utilizing Docker, REST APIs and open source tools.
And we're just getting started. To work here is to be a part of the journey of creating world-class systems and apps.
By combining sizable resources with the mentality of a small startup, we move fast and get stuff done.
We're also flexible and pragmatic when it comes to programming languages. Our solutions have been written in a number of languages including Python, C#, Javascript, Java and Perl.
What really makes a difference is that the people here are amazing to be around.
First, they're genuinely nice. Whether you're discussing how to tackle a software problem or challenging them in ping pong, it's a joy to work with them.
Second, they're smart. Like crazy smart. One great thing about working with crazy smart people is that they continuously challenge you to live up to their high expectations.
We're big proponents of teamwork. As true agile believers, we work in self-organized and cross-functional teams, applying the principle of freedom under responsibility.
I'm so impressed by how skilled my colleagues are, and at how much I learn and grow by working with them.
We care about the products and the technology we build them with. We embrace diversity and have no room for discrimination.
Oh, and it doesn't hurt to work in a brand new, custom designed office located opposite the Stockholm Central Station.
If you want to be a part of our journey, please consider contacting us. I think you would really like it here.
(Plus we use bash - that has to count for something.)

Best regards
David Woxberg, Test Automation Developer at Bambora


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