#1 Hackathon in the history of Bambora


A Hackathon is an event where you, under free forms, are empowered to innovate and use technology to test a hypothesis. It aims to, within a short period of time, let people use all technological and creative skills to create something new. It also aims to be fun!

About a year ago Bambora came to life with just one company under it’s wings, back then there were only five system developers. Today, a year later, Bambora is a big family of acquired companies and new recruitments. Out of a total of 250 people within the the Product & Technology team we gathered 70 developers, product owners and designer in the Stockholm.

People form Bambora’s offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden joined in to, in many cases, meet face to face for the very first time.

The event was kicked off by the Head of Global Product Development, Daniel Hecker, welcoming everyone to the new office with enough space to perform this kind of event.

Prior to the event everyone had supplied short tweet about themselves that were randomly mixed in the individual goodie bags which also included a blank t-shirt for everyone to write their name on.

The first task, working as an icebreaker, was to mingle and find the person behind the tweet found in the goodie bag. The dialog quickly got started and encouraging and inspirational dialogs emerged already providing ideas of what to work with during the Hackathon.

Some initial ideas serving as inspiration had already been written on the ’hax-board’ but as teams naturally formed more and more ideas were added to the board.

Then teams found a space to start working. Some gathered around the ping-pong table to refine their ideas.

Gadgets and hardware were supplied for experimentation around the payment flow.

The breadth of the knowledge spanning from terminals through acquiring to web and mobile development made it a very successful environment to get to know others and explore countless possibilities together. There were loads of things to talk about with your newly befriended colleagues.

On the Friday the event continued and the teams finalized their work to hold a demonstration before some had to catch their flights home.

Presentations came in all forms ranging from a small video presenting the concept or a theatrical play simulating a payment situation. All inspired by Bambora’s core values of being an eager innovator, responsible game-changer and passionate collaborator who champions everyday commerce!

As the main focus this time was for everyone to get to know each other there was no competition or winning team. Everyone learned something, be it by success or failure, and the outcome was many great insights which will all help form Bambora’s future products.

We’re already looking forward to the next event, hope to see you there!

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  • Anne McDonnell
  • Aurora Walker
  • Cathrine Damgaard Nielsen
  • Christian Nielsen
  • Christoffer Rutgersson
  • Claes Nyströmer
  • Claire Gayton
  • Corinne Engellau
  • Cyril McEvoy
  • David Woxberg

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