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What describe you as a colleague and friend?

Honest, including and energetic. I love making people laugh (often unintended) and I strive to help bring out the best in the people around me. Bring me food, and I will stand by you forever.

Your favorite quote?

I’d rather live with a good question than a bad answer.

Please present any ambition or lifegoal you have?

My big ambition is to build something on my own - to do something good for the world around me. I want to use the skills and influence I attain in the process to make a difference.

I also really want a trained pet tiger.

What does a perfect day mean to you?

A perfect day to me means being with the people I love, doing something I love. Now I could say snowboarding down powdery slopes, sun flying high and beer cooling in the snow outside the cabin…

…or it could simply be eating greasy burgers while watching UFC and sharing fun stories from last night on a weary Sunday.

What is your hidden talent?

Ever seen Les Miserables, the musical? I have. About 60 times. So if you cannot afford a ticket, let me know and I will perform the whole thing for you. Word by word. Does that count as a hidden talent or is that just a bit sad?

I can also do some pretty sweet Darth Vader impressions.

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